Community Education Committee


Committee Chairperson: Jacque Nunez (Director of Journeys to the Past)
 Jacque's goal is to educate students to the lifestyle of the California Indian - particularly the Acjachemen Nation. They endured and had a viable culture for hundreds of years before Father Serra and the Spanish Influx.
She shares with humor and animation and enthusiastically shows how her people lived by the natural resources Mother Nature provided. Her 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher confirms her belief of hands on experience and audience participation.
The children participate by handling indigenous tools and musical instruments, dancing and drumming so that their experience is a lasting memory. Students leave with a positive outlook toward committing themselves to becoming "keepers of the earth". Jacque also encourages the students to get in touch with their own heritage and culture.
Jacque is a descendant of Leather Jacket soldier, Felicious Rios, who guarded Father Serra on his journey to San Juan Capistrano. For generations, the Rios family intermarried with the indigenous people of the Acjachemen Nation. She grew up as a young child in the oldest home in California, occupied by the same family. The oldest street in Orange County is named after her family, Los Rios Street.
Journey back in time and view a California Indian Village - The Village of Acjachamai. See on stage their dwelling a kiitcha, tribal women, basket weaving and cooking their wi'wish soup (acorn soup). You will be enchanted by the storyteller Jacque Nunez, an Acjachemen descendant (Southern California Indian). She will teach you songs and share her culture in a most delightful way.

The children will be captivated by all the indigenous instruments and will have the chance to observe the beauty of the Intertribal Pow Wow dancers. Children will walk away with an awareness of taking care of Mother Earth and getting in touch with their own unique heritage. This show will let you become a part of the past and realize the significance of many tomorrows to come!
Having attended a full-length performance of "Journeys to the Past" at the Kavli Performing Arts Center, I can attest that Jacque has managed to transform her school assembly show into an impressive full stage production. This large-scale performance presents the culture and history of the Acjachemen Nation in an entertaining and meaningful way. Jacque's great enthusiasm and wonderful rapport with children involve the audience in a greater appreciation of cultural diversity, while teaching them Orange County's history.
-Barbara Halford Program Coordinator/Orange County Perorming Art Center