The responsibility of the editor of the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation tribal newsletter, Cuel Atah, is to produce a monthly newsletter that is timely and reports the present activities, as well as moments of the past. Each publication must be historical, archival and inspirational.

Each issue must be historical from the standpoint that it is reporting events that immediately become historical records; therefore, each article must be reported with substance and accuracy. Stories change with time because of fading memories; consequently, it is necessary for each reporter to double-check and make certain the record is correct.

Each publication must be archival from the standpoint that it should be the source that researchers in the future can turn to for accurate and complete information. Each issue must be stored so that future generations will find it easy to access.

The Cuel Atah must be inspirational. The readers must look forward to every issue and every publication must be read in its entirety. The tribe is in a period of existence that will set the dynamics of the future. Tribal members are molding the future and the children will read their parents' history.

The Cuel Atah is an historical artifact; therefore, it must be prepared with a high level of clarity, accuracy and with a strong sense of time.