Memorial Ceremony for


Saturday August 15th, 6am-10PM

Aliso Creek Beach in South Laguna

31131 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.

Laguna Beach CA 92652

$1 per hour parking. Limited Parking. Carpool!


You are invited to come and celebrate the life of our Spiritual Teacher and Revealer of the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, The Acjachemen Nation.  Her passing has been such a loss for the people and yet we celebrate her crossing to the Sacred Resting Grounds of Our Holy Ancestors.

This is a ceremonial day so women please wear your copper skirts.

Bring a POTLUCK dish with serving utensil, to share. Venison and fish will be provided.

Bring all your needs for a Beach Picnic: Picnic plates cups utensils etc. Chairs or blankets

Bring firewood for a sacred offering. Please donate to the GO FUND ME

At: http://www.gofundme.com/zh9ezgd5

If you have questions call Adelia at 949 632-0315


The schedule of the day


5:30AM-meet at the entrance to the Aliso Creek Beach Lot for the set up people

6:00AM-enter beach and lay claim to ceremonial area south of the bathrooms and café.  Set up canopies, claim two fire rings next to each other. One for ceremony one for heating food. Set up tables for food. Place Banner in the sand.

10 AM- singers and dancers prepare for ceremony. Fire keeper starts ceremonial fire.

NOON-3PM Bull Roar used to begin ceremony. The sounding of the Conch shells.

Followed by the women singers singing the Coming Home song. This will be done as Dan and Ka’chi’s three sons submerge Ka’chi’s ashes into the Ocean in the southern waters of our territorial homeland.  After the coming home song the Pine needles will be placed in the ceremonial fire.

The Ceremonial Leaders speak from their hearts about our teacher and beloved spiritual leader Ka’chi.

A spokesperson from Each Clan speaks Honoring Ka’chi.

Bear Clan first, followed by the Deer clan, followed by the Eagle clan, followed by the Wolf clan. 

Family members remembering Ka’chi.  Then students or friends of Ka’chi speak.

3PM prepare to eat Potluck set up.  Food set aside for Ancestors, Family of Ka’chi served first followed by Elders then everyone remaining.

4:30PM-Spiral Unity Dance followed by an eagle dance.

6-9PM Ceremony continues with the burial songs being sung by Wolfie-Steve Kasiosa.  All are encouraged to dance.

9:30 PM ceremony is complete.  Pack up and clean up. Beach closes at 10PM.




Adelia Sandoval will be the Ceremonial Leader for this Ceremony. It is the Spiritual Community who is hosting this event no politics please!!!!!!

Everyone is included and everyone is welcome!!!!!

All women attending please wear a skirt.  If you want to sing wear your traditional copper skirt, willow bark skirt or grass skirt. and shells. If you don’t know the Coming Home song a voice memo will be sent to you to practice. Contact Adelia. Bring clapper sticks.  All those who wish to blow the conch shells bring your shell and check in with Adelia. Men, you are welcome to bring your rattles and wear ceremonial vests and feathers. Once the sacred fire is started do your best to remember to walk in a clockwise fashion. Respect the fire, do not put anything in the sacred fire.  The fire keeper and his assistant will take care of this. There will be a blanket for the Eagle dancer and for Steve Kazoos so please bring cash for this. 




We need volunteers to come at 5:30 am to wait in line to get in beach early to claim our ceremonial space as this is a public beach.  We will be claiming a significant area so all the early morning risers please come.  We need strong arms to set up a ring of canopies for shade.  We need firewood.  We need a group of people to help set up tables for the food and we need tables. We need Potluck set up people. We need a security team to make sure the public does not take pictures or videos of our ceremony.  We need signs that state THANK YOU FOR NOT TAKING PHOTOS OR VIDEOS with wood stakes to stick in the sand. We need women to sing the Coming Home song.  SOUND SYSTEM needed!

We need a cook to cook the venison and salmon before hand to bring to the ceremony.  Take the time now to donate to the go fund me page


Please contact Adelia at 949 632-0315 if you can help with this.  Thank you so much.  On behalf of Ka’chi and Ka’chi’s family, “’Om Paloov!”