Rolls Administration


Rolls Administrator

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Attention All Enrolled Members:

 It is very important that our records are current and correct as we continue to advance in the Federal Recognition process. That is why I am asking you to contact me ASAP to arrange a sit-down, so we can review your Official Tribal files. This process is an effort to help clean up our files and assist each family in knowing that they have current information on the official record with the Tribe.

Once the file has been verified, having all the necessary documentation on your family, it will be certified as such.In order to have a family member check your file; you will need to have a form notarized from them stating that you are allowed to act on their behalf. The form can be downloaded below or picked up in the Tribal Office.


Family Photos

We are looking for historical photos showing your family members as far back as you can go. Tribal members in the photos are best identified and any other Tribal members in the photos make them more valuable in that they show that we as a people have been interacting together all along.