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Elders Group Leadership change

Piney Hunn has stepped down from the Elders Committee Directorship position.  He and his wife have been a great asset for many years volunteering for the Tribe and they both will continue to be active in the Tribal activities as their time permits.  

We all have benefited from his leadership and wish them well.  

 Piney Hunn at the Reunion




Please welcome Honey Salazar as the new Director of the Elders Committee.




Our beloved Teeter Romero has also stepped down from the leadership position of Director of the Basket Weavers Committee.


We all know how important she is to the Tribe and how much time she puts into supporting the Tribal activities involving the Basket Weavers.  She will continue to attend the Mission San Juan Capistrano weekly Weaver gatherings and attend Council Meetings and be a great influence on us all.     

Teeter Romero 


Her position of Director of the Weavers Committee Director is OPEN if anyone is willing to step forward for that important position.  Please contact Tribal Council if you are interested in filling this post.




 The Tribe


The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation are the original inhabitants of the lands that ultimately became the County of Orange, as well as parts of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.  The Tribe provided the original manpower for the construction of some of the earliest key landmarks in Orange County, including the Mission San Juan Capistrano. While the American Colonies were being founded on the East Coast, the Acjachemen Indians were conscripted to build the mission here on the West Coast. We identified ourselves as Acjachemen, but to the Spaniards who first came to our homeland, our souls were apportioned by the jurisdiction of the missions, hence our Spanish name "Juaneños" coming from the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.  

The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation is a State-recognized Native American Indian Tribe possessed of inherent sovereign attributes and powers, exercising jurisdiction over its ancestral homelands and territory.

The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation is governed by the Tribal Council and is led by Tribal Chairwoman, Teresa M. Romero.  The tribal citizenship of our great nation is numbered at 1,941 blood descendants, verified through certified genealogist, who trace individual lineage to Acjachemen village ancestors. The Acjachemen citizenship is diversified by representation through our many tribal committees, community activities, and tribal gatherings. As the ancient inhabitants of our defined territory, we are extremely proud and protective of our heritage, our people, and the many relationships we call our friends. 





The Acjachemen are opening the 2017 Swallow's Day Parade. If you are Acjachemen and would like details on marching with our Tribe, please contact Tribal Hall 949-488-3484. More information can be found on our calendar below.

To order the special "Swallow's Day"edition, click the shirt below :



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